5 Things to Expect in an International Boarding School

There is a rise in international schools in Malaysia as more and more parents are preparing their children to globalization. Are you interested in sending your child to an international school, and at the same time wants to give him a more nurturing environment? You can do so by enrolling him in an international boarding school. Does the concept of an international school sound new to you? Here are some things you can expect:

  1. Experienced teachers

Teachers of international schools are required to have certified training qualifications. The school shall provide training in case the teacher has not received a subject teaching certification from an international affiliate. There is a small teacher to student ratio so you can expect enhanced learning and that each student gets noticed.

  1. Higher tuition fees

It goes without saying that you have to pay a hefty sum for a year’s worth of learning in an international boarding school. The cost of full boarding ranges from RM13,000 – RM50,000 per term. Take note that schools have different terms. Some have one, some have two, and others have three terms in a year. These rates often do not include the extras, such as books and school uniforms.

  1. Modern Facilities

The good thing is you get what you pay for. Expect spacious accommodation for your child. Your child will have the right to participate in co-curricular activities, as well as use the school facilities because you pay for it.

  1. Wide range of extra-curricular activities

International boarding schools do not only focus on academics. There is an extensive list of activities that will keep your child engaged during his stay in the school. The Prince of Wales Island International School, for instance, allows their boarding students to extend their activities in the evenings or weekends as part of their Residential Programme.

  1. Larger network

Your child may have a hard time adjusting to a boarding school at first. But later on, he will learn to befriend others since they do everything together most of the time. As his network expands, he will have a better understanding of other culture and beliefs.

Your experience will vary from school to school. In case you have a prospect school right now, it is best to book a tour. This gives you a real idea of the kind of facilities and activities a school offers.


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