All About Accounting – The 5 Best Industries in Malaysia to Work in as an Accountant

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Every industry needs an accountant, mainly because every business operates with the goal of making a profit. In order to make the most of available funds, and to maximize returns, companies hire accountants to manage whatever finances flow in and out of their enterprise. In Malaysia, accountants are always in demand, and that makes it easy for fresh graduates to find their place in the overwhelming world of employment. However, not every industry will give you the best experience or pay rate. Wondering which niche to explore in Malaysia as an accountant? These 5 options are your best bet.

  1. Automotive Rentals – In some parts of Malaysia, transportation can be limited. For instance, Kuching – one of the main business districts of the country – operates without a train system. This can make it tough for commuters to get around, especially without a car. Because of this heightened need, ride-sharing applications have boomed in recent years. Many companies that offer the service are now seeing a steady surge in demand, and of course, with that comes great opportunities for eager accountants.
  2. Digital and Internet-Based Services – Malaysia is gearing towards more advanced tech solutions in an effort to follow global trends. With more emphasis placed on online methods of sales and marketing, digital solutions service providers are enjoying a lofty place in the Malaysian economy. That’s why these days, when you go out to look for accounting jobs in Malaysia, many of them will revolve around managing finances for online services.Accounting jobs in digital and internet based services in Malaysia will revolve managing finances
  3. Mining – One of the top providers for tin products worldwide is Malaysia, and that’s why the mining industry has always been among the top performing in the economy. While it can be a challenge, the mining industry also offers great benefits, experience, and salary rates for accountants willing to take on the struggle. As an accountant, it will be your responsibility to make sure that all overhead costs are kept at a minimum, to bring down the cost and to catch the attention of international buyers.
  4. Tourism – It’s no secret that Malaysia is one of the hottest vacation and tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, and that won’t change any time soon. There are two peak seasons in the Malaysia tourism industry. These are in summer, when many families go out for vacations; and in December, when people from places with colder climates go out to look for sunny skies. By working as an accountant for a travel agency, it will be your job to manage overhead, and to come up with promotions and discounts for eager travelers.
  5. Real Estate – Many people looking for property investments often look yonder to Malaysia in search of prime estate options. Plus, with condos and apartments becoming more and more available, buyers are becoming more willing to make purchases, thanks to the affordable costs. In this industry, accountants can enjoy a busy yet fulfilling role, coming up with prices, and working hand in hand with real estate enterprises, to bring the best deals for both sellers and buyers.Accountants job can enjoy a busy yet fulfilling role in real estate industry

Being an accountant can be a challenge, but working in the right industry can make it all worth it. Check out these 5 Malaysian industries, find your niche in the world of accounting, and bring yourself one step up on your climb to career success.

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