Solving The Case of Cash Rebate Credit Cards: Should You Get One?

20110413.090855_cardsEver wondered why Malaysian credit card companies reward their customers for retail purchases? Yes, it is part of their strategy to lure new customers and keep the existing ones. This marketing plan comes as no surprise given the intense competition among credit card companies. You might be thinking, “Does this cash rebate thing really benefit me?” That is an excellent question because there are credit card holders who claimed rebates only entice them to shop and spend more. This post explains the good side of credit card rebates and why you should apply for a card now.


  1. Some companies offer maximum benefits. What features make a good credit card? A good credit card is one that provides no cap on rebates or automatically credits deductions into your account every month. A better cash rebate credit card in Malaysia does not have an annual fee for the first three years. You don’t want the cost to eat away any profits you could make from the rebate. A credit card with no annual fee is one of the most important features to look at, especially for first-time credit card holders.


  1. You can earn more points out of the items you regularly buy. Gone were the days when companies only give rewards when you purchase to a few, selected merchants. Now you can earn rebates from eating at your favorite restaurant. Many Malaysian credit card companies even extend their services to supermarkets, drugstores, and gas stations. Because these are the essentials, credit card holders can take this as an opportunity to earn more without worrying about where to shop.


  1. It encourages you to become a more responsible credit card holder. A cash rebate is like free money to the responsible card user. One mistake that people make is always using their credit cards on all purchases, thinking that they will get something in return. Or at times they buy something they cannot afford. It will not make sense to receive a little something from a cash rebate when you have to pay high interest on your balance.


As the end-user of a certain product, the final decision still depends on you. So you will still be the one to choose which credit card to get. The best thing you can do is compare cards and pick one that you think offers the maximum benefits. Malaysian credit card companies have their own sets of reward programs, and you might want to check if your preferred bank offers cash rebates.

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