Tips for Newbies: How to Jump Start Your Career as a Journalist

The journalism field in Malaysia is one that has constant openings and opportunities for aspiring journalists like yourself. But it typically takes experience to land those jobs, which creates an obstacle for you when you are trying to break into the journalism field.There are many good journalism jobs in Malaysia

As with most fields, obtaining a college degree in journalism will give you your best chance at finding good journalism jobs in Malaysia. But even a bachelor’s degree in journalism won’t automatically land you a job. Fortunately, the following five steps can help you gain the experience necessary to land a job as a journalist for both online and paper publications:

  1. Do Internships – Many newspapers, magazines, and online publications typically offer internship opportunities for aspiring journalists. Often times, no pay is provided, but you can gain invaluable experience working directly with editors and seasoned reporters. You also gain invaluable contacts and references, who eventually could help you land a job.
  2. Cover Events – You don’t have to be with a specific publication to cover special events. That means you can take a camera and notepad and cover special events in your area and submit your freelance article to a relevant publication. You are well-advised to pitch a story idea first and learn the style of the publication in which you intend your story to run.You don't have to be with a specific publication to cover special events in journalism jobs
  3. Grow Your Clip File – When you apply for journalism jobs, you need to provide writing samples of your published works. That means you need to get published any way you can, even if you do not get paid for a particular article. The idea is to show your best and most current work and your ability to thoroughly write a news article or feature story.
  4. Join a Press Society – Malaysia has several societies and associations dedicated to the journalism field, such as the National Union of Journalists Peninsula Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific Association of Press Clubs. When you become a member of such associations, you can attend society functions, where you can interact with experienced journalists, editors, and publishers. You also will have access to job postings placed through the associations.
  5. Be Proactive In Your Search – You likely have some idea of which publications you find more personally interesting and for whom you would like to work for as a journalist. Instead of waiting for a job posting, you can compile your resume and writing clips and drop off a copy for the managing editor. Even if there are no job vacancies at the moment, you will impress a potential employer with your proactive approach, while showing the kind of initiative good journalists possess. When a job opening does arise, you might be the first one to be contacted.girl

Finding journalism jobs requires a combination of tenacity, skill, and luck. You need to seize the initiative in your job search in order to learn where vacancies exist and to make the professional connections needed to get an interview and land a job.

Meanwhile, you need to grow your clip file of published works, so that your prospective publisher can see what you have to offer and get an idea of your writing style and reporting skills. The idea is to network, become known, and land one of the latest journalism jobs in Malaysia.

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